Specialist Marine and Coastal Contractor

MSDS Marine are a Marine and Coastal Contractor specialising in the management, execution and support of archaeological projects in the marine environment. MSDS Marine have a wide range of experience and expertise within the industry from the project management of large scale underwater excavations through to the fulfilment of archaeological licence conditions prior to large infrastructure developments. MSDS Marine provide geophysical and hydrographic services including data collection, processing, visualisation and interpretation.

MSDS Marine are a diving contractor registered with the HSE and provide diving and logistical support to underwater projects both on Surface Supply or SCUBA dependant on requirements. MSDS Marine have experience of providing support to the wider marine sector including ecological assessments, pre and post construction surveys and specialist survey solutions. MSDS Marine are committed to creating hands on experience in the sector for students, volunteers and early career professionals and promoting public engagement with our work.

MSDS Marine Services

Desk Based Services

MSDS Marine offer a range of desk based services including impact assessment, written schemes of investigation (WSIs), research, project designs, specialist reports, assessments of significance and management reports. MSDS Marine also offer a full range of GIS services.

Retained Archaeologist Services

MSDS Marine are able to act as Retained Archaeologists, stream lining liaison with regulators, consultees and other stakeholders. We offer the complete range of services required during the planning, construction and operation phases of development projects.

Marine Geophysics

MSDS Marine provide a full range of geophysical and hydrographic services for archaeology, ecology and infrastructure planning and monitoring. Services include survey planning, data collection and processing, interpretation and visualisation.

Diving Services

MSDS Marine are a fully insured diving contractor registered with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and are able to provide a wide range of diving services to the archaeological, scientific and specialist sectors.

Field Based Services

MSDS Marine provide a range of field based services including archaeological watching briefs during both intertidal and marine construction works, intertidal survey and ROV, USV and aerial drone surveys.

Ecosystem Services

MSDS Marine offer a full range of Ecosystems Service assessments. To do so we draw on a variety of sources. These include desk-based sources, fieldwork, stakeholder engagement and valuation tools.

Heritage Crime

MSDS Marine are leading the way in marine heritage crime prevention and investigation with their highly experienced team, development of innovative security measures and commitment to education and awareness.

Public Engagement

MSDS Marine are committed to creating hands on experience in the sector for students, volunteers and early career professionals and promoting public engagement with our work. Our work with public outreach is designed to engage and enthuse a wide audience.

Equipment & Vessels

As well as working with Taran Marine to operate Taran and Jetstream, MSDS Marine own and maintain a large amount of diving, survey, excavation, photographic, logistical and 3D scanning equipment, most of which is available to hire.

Marine Archaeology

MSDS Marine are sector leaders in the delivery of marine archaeology projects. Our highly skilled team have many years of experience in all aspects of underwater and intertidal archaeology. We are currently the retained marine archaeology consultants for a number of infrastructure and offshore windfarm development projects and the UK project managers for the high profile #Rooswijk1740 project and excavation on behalf of the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. MSDS Marine provide a full range of marine archaeology desk-based services required during the planning and construction phases of infrastructure, development and construction projects. We have experience providing services to a variety of sectors including renewable energy, cable and pipe line installation, aggregate extraction and construction.

Our extensive experience with the marine planning process means we are able to provide advice and support through all stages of the licensing, planning and construction process. Our services include Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), desk-based research, interpretation of geophysical and hydrographic data, statements of significance, impact assessments, mitigation planning, written schemes of investigation, method statements and provision of advice as retained archaeologists, along with all other works required to inform the planning consents process and discharge archaeological conditions on marine licences.