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ISO 9001 : 2015

MSDS Marine operate an ISO 9001 :2015 certified Quality Management System. The Management System demonstrates MSDS Marine’s;

  • Ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Ability to determine both the external and internal contexts in which it operates and shall monitor and review the issues which arise
  • Aims to identify the needs and expectations of interested parties
  • Aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the Quality Management System, including processes for improvement of the System and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Achievement of Quality Objectives

MSDS Marine maintain an Internal Audit Programme as part of our Quality Management System ensuring that the Management System is verified in accordance to the defined Audit Programme.  The Audit Programme takes into consideration the importance of the process, with those areas considered critical being audited more frequently.

In addition, MSDS Marine are audited by an external auditor annually as part of our continual improvement process.

if you want to verify our ISO 9001 status, please follow this link and enter our number 321632019.

CIfA Registered Organisation Status

MSDS Marine are a Registered Organisation with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists. If you need archaeological work to be carried out, CIfA strongly recommends the use of a professionally accredited archaeologist and ideally a CIfA Registered Organisation.

Archaeological projects are complex. Registered Organisations have demonstrated the requisite skills to:

  • provide informed and reliable advice
  • execute schemes of work appropriate to the circumstances, minimising uncertainty, delay and cost

CIfA’s Registered Organisation scheme is a unique quality assurance scheme. The Registered Organisation logo is a badge of commitment to professional standards and competence.

Association of Diving Contractors.

MSDS Marine are a member of the Association of Diving Contractors. Using ADC members makes things easier & safer, however it is always your responsibility to establish competency of your Contractor and ensure they have demonstrated that they are capable of safely carrying out the designated task.

The ADC represents one of the most diverse sections of the diving industry where members work within the 12 miles waterline around the coast of the UK and Ireland’s territorial waters as well as all Inland waterways including lochs, dams, docks, marinas, culverts, canals, ports, harbours, rivers, ponds, reservoirs, power stations, naval base, tanks and swimming pools located around the shores of Great Britain and Northern/Southern Ireland. Membership of the ADC demonstrates the commitment of MSDS Marine to safe and professional standards. The ADC supports and encourages best practice, Members agree to and abide by certain principles and standards.

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