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MSDS Marine are pleased to be able to offer two annual grant awards for maritime archaeology in the UK.

2018 was the 45th anniversary of the Protection of Wrecks Act 1973. This represents over 45 years of Licensees and their teams volunteering their time and enthusiasm to help ensure the wreck sites are enjoyed, researched and protected. Licensees and their teams have played a huge role in the careers of all MSDS Marine staff. They have inspired us, taught us and helped us develop our skills and to recognise this we would like to give something back. The first award will be to help support Licensees and their teams.

The second award will help support maritime archaeology students in the UK. The growing MSDS Marine team includes a number of early years’ professionals who have all recently completed university courses. Their recent experience highlights the significant costs faced by students to complete their education. We strongly believe fieldwork and other training experiences help create professionals with a more rounded skill set and are keen to help allow students to maximise the experiences that they get. To this end we offer many volunteer opportunities for students but we are now also keen to help support them financially to gain experiences which might otherwise be unaffordable.

In 2021 the closing date for applications is Friday 29th October. To find out more about protected wreck awards please click here. To find out more about student awards please click here.