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In early September 2020 we welcomed Lee Pape to the team as a Project Officer. In the blog post Lee introduces herself and outlines her experience in maritime archaeology and diving so far.

I grew up on a small island between mainland Florida and Cuba. This has meant that the ocean and its management have always been present in my life; this motivated me to take an active role in Maritime Archaeology and Marine Biology. I have worked with non-profit organisations on the identification and investigation of shipwrecks and have been involved in teaching, community outreach, and social media management to promote awareness and engagement in natural and cultural heritage. As a maritime archaeologist I have an MA in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southampton and over ten years’ experience within the maritime archaeology sector administering and managing archaeological projects in the USA and Europe

As a maritime archaeologist, I have consulted with coastal agencies in their efforts to protect and preserve their maritime assets. I have investigated migrant crafts, researched their construction, and recorded ethnographic data while providing data regarding their salvage and legal ownership to coast guard agencies. I also have experience teaching scientific diving practices that address issues related to shipwreck and coastal heritage management.

I joined MSDS Marine in September 2020. One of my primary tasks will be to help work with the Nautical Archaeology Society to cover the work of their Education Manager, Peta Knott, who is currently on maternity leave. I am looking forward to getting to know more NAS members over the coming months!

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