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In late March 2020 we welcomed Mateusz Polakowski to the team as a Senior Project Officer. In the blog post Mat introduces himself and outlines his experience.

I am a maritime archaeologist interested in modes of technological change in ancient ships and identification of new shipwreck sites. I started my career in maritime archaeology when I applied to a master’s program for maritime studies at East Carolina University. The training and research during those years led me to pursue a career in the underwater archaeology before joining the R/V Hercules conducting archaeological research in the Mediterranean.  Starting as an intern with RPM Nautical Foundation, I assisted in subsea archaeological investigations of sites and over the years I progressed to managing shipboard operations. During this time, I continued my studies as a PhD student at the University of Southampton focusing on the mechanics and design of ancient ships and carrying out target analysis for undiscovered shipwrecks using machine learning.

I have over six years of experience within the maritime archaeology sector both in the UK and abroad. Projects have drawn me from the US to Sicily, Albania, Montenegro, Greece, and the UK. As a maritime archaeologist onboard RPM’s R/V Hercules, I managed and oversaw daily operations during scientific expeditions. I helped manage a small team of ROV pilot technicians, scientists, and researchers.  I helped facilitate ROV and AUV survey projects with national agencies. I have worked with visiting researchers and ensured their projects were execu

ted successfully. Serving as point of contact, I have planned, managed, and communicated daily vessel operations to both clients and host government bodies.

I was super excited when MSDS Marine offered me a position as Senior Projects Officer to assist in their geophysical projects and identify new opportunities for project development. Unfortunately, I’m now sitting patiently at home due to Covid-19 and waiting until we are through the worst of this virus outbreak. Once this global pandemic is under control, I’m looking forward to bringing my knowledge, experience, and research interests to MSDS Marine.

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