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In September 2021 MSDS Marine undertook a diving project on the Bronze Bell wreck site in Wales on behalf of the CHERISH Project. We were commissioned to undertake inspection, survey, investigation, recording and monitoring of the wreck, a previously monitored and designated wreck site in Welsh waters. The work built on previous survey undertake by recreational divers and other archaeological contractors with a five-day diving project taking place in September 2021.

The survey sought to uncover any evidence of change to the wreck, with a particular focus on change caused by climatic changes such as increased storminess. The work was featured and Channel 4 news and can be seen online here.

CHERISH is a 6-year European-funded Ireland-Wales project, bringing together four partners across two nations: the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, the Discovery Programme: Centre for Archaeology and Innovation Ireland, Aberystwyth University: Department of Geography and Earth Sciences and Geological Survey, Ireland. The project began in January 2017 and will run until June 2023. It will benefit from €4.9 million through the Ireland-Wales 2014-2020 Programme.

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