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Marine Heritage Crime Training Workshops

Marine heritage crime has become a serious threat to historically significant wreck sites and as a result prevention and investigation methods have rapidly advanced in recent years with the development of site security protocols, forensic marking solutions and increased public awareness and improved enforcement agency responses.

This workshop is aimed at marine archaeologists and volunteers and non-archaeologists such as harbour masters, heritage agencies and other marine enforcement officers. The workshop will provide an introduction to types of marine heritage crime, associated legislation and the impact it can have on archaeology.

The workshop will cover UK legislation relating to marine heritage and the processes required to prevent, monitor and prosecute marine heritage offences.

MSDS Marine are leading the way in marine heritage crime prevention and investigation with their highly experienced team, development of innovative security measures and commitment to education and awareness.

The workshop has been designated as approved CPD by the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists. The Department for Communities: Historic Environment Division has reviewed the Marine Heritage Crime Training Workshop and supports its use as a training tool for those involved with the investigation of marine heritage crime within Northern Ireland.


Wednesday 24th November 2021