Volunteers wanted: Ecological and Archaeological Survey in Sandwich Bay

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We are seeking volunteers to help with an archaeological and ecological survey. The survey will take place on Sandwich Flats, on 14th August 2018 (7am – 4pm) and will be focused around the wreck sites within the bay. The aim of the fieldwork is to investigate the relationship between heritage and ecology on wreck sites in an intertidal context.

The fieldwork is being run as part of an Historic England funded project which is investigating how to integrate cultural heritage with the ecosystems services approach to managing land, water and resources. A vital part of this integration is understanding the relationships between cultural heritage and ecosystems, understanding what cultural heritage provides for people, and recognising that how people value and use sites is important and should be drawn into management.

Archaeologists from MSDS Marine and Ecologists from Carcinus will be running the survey and teaching volunteers about survey techniques. We are also hoping to learn about how you value the sites in your area; what they mean to you and how you use them or the ecosystems services (such as recreation and tourism) they create. Email Sally (Sally@MSDSMarine.co.uk) if you would like to join us! Spaces are limited and volunteers will be chosen on a first come first served basis. No prior knowledge or experience necessary!

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