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MSDS Marine are committed to providing hands on and practical learning opportunities in the sector for students, volunteers and early career professionals. We recognise the importance of developing the skills of the future generations of maritime archaeologists and engaging and enthusing the public with the work we do in order to generate interest and understanding around maritime archaeology.

MSDS Marine are working with some of the latest technologies to bring maritime archaeology to the public including 3D modelling, photogrammetry, virtual reality and online virtual tours.


MSDS Marine provide training to a range of people and groups such as amateur archaeologists, students and early career professionals. Training can take the form of structured courses, lectures and presentations, practical hands on experience during projects or work experience placements and internships. MSDS Marine recognise the importance of investing in the future generations of maritime archaeologists and enthusing young people about the industry in order that our profession will continue to grow and develop. MSDS Marine are currently in the process of becoming an International Training Partner of the Nautical Archaeology Society so that we can broaden our reach with structured training programs for the public, amateur archaeologists and professionals.

Amateurs and Volunteers

Many of the shipwreck sites that MSDS Marine have undertaken projects on have been discovered, or investigated, by enthusiastic and knowledgeable groups of divers and amateur archaeologists, on designated wreck sites members of these groups are often licensees under the Protection of Wrecks Act licensing system. MSDS Marine firmly believe that involvement of these groups in projects is critical to the overall understanding of a site and endeavour to promote inclusion where ever possible. Inclusion can be in a number of ways; on recent projects we have funded divers to undertake qualifications to allow them to dive as part of the professional team, provided a platform from which they can dive to continue monitoring and recording, run practical courses on specific skills needed to work alongside the archaeologists, including the use of airlifts and other excavation techniques, and provided practical experience in most areas of archaeological projects including geophysical and hydrographic survey.

MSDS Marine endeavours to provide volunteer opportunities during our projects where new skills can be learnt or existing skills developed, these opportunities can be for members of the public, early career professionals or maritime archaeologists looking to broaden their experience.

Web Tours, Virtual Reality and Presentation of Data

The presentation and dissemination of maritime archaeology is essential to the continued interest and development of the profession. As archaeologists we believe that the results of work should be made available to everyone and we are continuing to develop new and exciting ways in which to engage audiences and present our results. We use online platforms such as Sketchfab to provide easily accessible access to 3D models that have been created both as part of our work or specifically for dissemination, our models can also be viewed in virtual reality using headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and mobile headsets.

MSDS Marine work closely with the digital heritage reconstruction company ArtasMedia to produce web based virtual tours of archaeological sites. These tours combine the results of research, geophysical and hydrographic survey and CGI modelling coupled with the presentation of other media such as photos and video to create an immersive and informative online experience. All the tours are compatible with virtual reality headsets and can be viewed on computers, tablets and mobile phones. The most recent tour produced was for Submarine U8, a German vessel sunk off the Kent coast in 1915, which can be found here

MSDS Marine have created a free fun game to play to find out more about England’s protected wreck sites. You can download the game to print and play at home here.

MSDS Marine are active on social media and can be found on the following platforms:

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