The MSDS team is growing again!

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We are pleased to announce our team has recently expanded further. Alison James has joined us from Historic England. Alison has fifteen years’ experience in maritime archaeology and has spent nearly ten years at Historic England managing England’s 53 protected wreck sites. Previously she has also worked for the Nautical Archaeology Society and the Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology (now the Maritime Archaeology Trust).

She brings a wealth of experience in contract management, heritage site management, in-situ protection, various methods of mitigation and work to tackle heritage crime. Alison is a PADI Diving Instructor and a keen recreational diver. Throughout her career, including at Historic England, Alison has been passionate about working with volunteers and will bring her experience in this to MSDS. She was instrumental in developing the innovative, and highly successful, protected wreck site virtual dive trail scheme for Historic England. She has a strong track record in education and outreach initiatives which are also important to the MSDS team and we will be looking to grow this area of our work.

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