Technical Manager

Mark James MCIfA

Mark is the director of MSDS Marine and has been running the company since 2011. Mark specialises in the management of diving projects and geophysical and hydrographic data collection, processing and interpretation.

Archaeological Manager

Alison James MCIfA

Alison is a Project Manager for MSDS Marine with extensive experience in the management of historic shipwreck sites, volunteer involvement, community engagement and education initiatives.

Development Control Manager

Sally Evans ACIfA

Sally has worked with and for MSDS Marine for a number of years and project manages most of our desk based and research projects. Sally specialises in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) works and GIS projects.

Senior Project Officer

Tom Harrison ACIfA

Tom joined MSDS Marine in 2017 as a field maritime archaeologist, diver and diving instructor. Tom specialises in underwater survey, project based GIS and finds recording and handling.

Senior Project Officer

Mateusz Polakowski ACIfA

Mat is a Senior Project Officer at MSDS Marine. He has over six years experience in the UK and abroad and specialises in marine geophysics and helps identify new opportunities for project development.


Heather Stewart

Heather is the Conservator at MSDS Marine and is an Archaeology graduate from Glasgow University and has a Masters in Museum and Archaeological Conservation from Durham University. Heather is a diver and has extensive experience working on maritime archaeology assemblages.

Project Officer

Jenny Kent ACIfA

Jenny has extensive experience in maritime archaeology and brings specialist experience in diver tracking and heritage crime to MSDS Marine.

Project Officer

Phoebe Ronn PCIfA

Phoebe is a recent graduate in archaeology and has now joined MSDS Marine specialising in development control work.

Project Officer

Alex Bliss

Alex joined MSDS Marine in February 2020, having previously worked for the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) as a Finds Liaison Officer.  Specialising primarily in artefact analysis, numismatics and public outreach, Alex works mainly on the Rooswijk project.

IT Manager

Nick Young