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This week Flora has been on work experience with MSDS Marine. In this blog she shares what she has been doing with the team.

My name is Flora and I am a 17-year-old from Derby. I am currently studying A-level Art, Photography and Business at Bilborough College in Nottingham and am due to take my exams in the spring of 2022. In the summer of 2022 I am hoping to go to Falmouth University to study marine photography and natural history. Growing up I have always been fascinated by marine life and how to preserve and protect their environments and habitats; and to do that I think that marine photography is a huge part of helping people realise what is going on below the water as well as on the surface; this is the main reason why I want to go into marine photography and why I have a passion for it.

I have come to MSDS Marine for a week on work experience placement, I chose to come here because even though I do not really want to go into archaeology, MSDS Marine has a link to what I want to do in the future with marine photography. Living in the middle of England (East Midlands) means that I am as far away from the sea as possible; so having MSDS Marine local to my home was a perfect opportunity to get an insight into what I want to do and gain knowledge that I could carry into the future.

In this week of work experience I have been renaming photos in the MSDS Marine photo folder to fit their photo naming convention and completing a photo log for the photos folder and each individual folder. I also completed an array of Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) training courses. The NAS are developing new courses and I was able to help them by testing the new courses. It also acted as a great introduction to the work that MSDS Marine do as well as a lot about maritime archaeology. I found this very interesting and it helped me to understand what maritime archaeology is and how it works.

As well as looking at and sorting out photos, I have also been having a go at photogrammetry with training from Mat and Lee, this was really fun and interesting. I decided to photograph a model boat and turn it into a 3D digital model.

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